eFlair Management System
The Process Start
After a security assessment has been performed as part of the web application development lifecycle, it is important to understand how to address and fix any application vulnerabilities that are uncovered.

Testing and Validation: Independently Make Sure Application Vulnerabilities Have Been Fixed

General approach

Business Development Strategy the foremost of the remediation process which involves right from planning, designing and prioritizing every aspect that needs to be implemented / defined within software products,web applications or Web sites.

Business Development Strategy

Our business strategy is to create real Success to our clients throughout their way by effectively communicating the unique advantages to their target customers in the most cost effective way with the powerful planning and designing.

To maximize the potential to succeed for our clients and ourselves, we seek clients:

Who believe in effective marketing communications Who believe in successful planning and designing of product / service Who believe in potential growth Who want to hear their customers’ positive feedback

We believe in being highly professional and equally responsible right from planning till deployment stage of the product. We earned 15+ years of rich IT experience from our creative and designing capabilities, that enables us to deliver the very high end products and services that are well within the financial reach of any customer.

We staffed highly self motivated creative developers and designers, and are equipped with latest technology for full-time development/designing requirements; we give full synergy and expertise to the clients’ projects with continuous interaction with the clients in every phase.

Our added advantage is that we offer flexible working arrangements as required by the clients.