eFlair Management System
Enrich you Business
  • Help establish the identity of your organisations.
  • Promote your products, services, goals, and policies.
  • Enhance contact between the members of your organization and existing, potential customers.
  • Improve sales and distribution of your products and services.
  • Expand your business by increasing its reach and accessibility.

Connecting IT Investments with Business returns

The internet success stories are built on a partnership between business specialists and technology specialists.

Reach Your Internet goals..., We are at your assistance

E- Business Solutions

EMS’s focus lies and covers the entire scope of end-to-end solutions using either Microsoft or Java based solutions in the areas of web technologies for the enterprise user.

To select the right e- commerce service provider is always a crucial and shall form the internal part of intellectual aspect of your company development in future. To provide the most suitable e-commerce solution is one of our core expertises.

We at EMS provide a specialized blend of technical as well as innovative Web site design, graphic artistry, editorial expertise, and proven real-world e-commerce solutions to help you run your entire business of any nature.

Our e-commerce services include: E-Commerce with Content Management System, Open Source Ecommerce Integration, Payment Gateway Integration, Secure Shopping Cart Solutions, Integration credit card processing, X-Cart Integration, and many more customized e-commerce solutions.

Type of Portals and E- Applications we can offer are:
  • Business to Business Portals – B2B.
  • Business to Consumer Portals – B2C.
  • Online tests and Contests of specific business services.
  • Portals of product surveys and commercial advertisements.
  • Online Stores and e-commerce sites and shopping malls.
  • Aspects real time Credit Card transactions.
  • Search Engines optimizations.
  • Portals for Jobs and man power.
  • Buy Sell Trade Auction.